Purpose & Core Values


Jesus said, “I am making all things new!” City Church desires to bring the renewing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the city without abandoning the culture or becoming lost in it. It is our dream to be a church for our city, not for ourselves. We believe that Jesus can change any person and any place. Therefore, our leading question is not “what kind of church can we be?” but rather “what kind of city can this be?” We long to see the entirety of Asheville (her people and institutions) transformed by the power and beauty of the presence of Christ.

Our purpose is to see the beauty and glory of Christ ― who is the visible presence of the transcendent God ― made known in our city. We want the saving power and transforming love of God to be made real in every aspect of our lives, our families, our neighborhoods, our city, and our world. We want to proclaim the grace and truth of Jesus where we live, work, learn, and play, knowing that this has the power to transform and renew everything around us.

At City Church, the glory of God is the central purpose in all we do.

Core Values

Biblically Grounded :: We believe that the Bible is God’s living word and is completely true in all that it teaches. Because it is God’s gracious self-revelation, we joyfully submit to its authority in all areas of life.

Gospel Driven :: The gospel is the good news that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection for sinners can transform any person, family, neighborhood, or city. It’s the good news that the power of God’s Kingdom is renewing the whole world through Jesus Christ. And the power of that Kingdom comes upon us and begins to work in and through us when we, rather than believing and relying on ourselves, believe and rely on Jesus’ work and record for our relationship to God. Therefore, we are optimistic about the power of the gospel, full of joy because of its work in our life as a church, and driven to share it with others.

City Conscious :: We are committed to serving and renewing Asheville. We believe that the transforming power of the gospel moving among us can begin to change the city socially, spiritually, economically, and culturally. Nothing promotes the peace, health, and prosperity of the city like the spread of faith in the gospel.

Community Oriented :: Rather than being connected to one another by race, gender, education, economics, or politics, we believe that the gospel creates a spiritual community which is ultimately united by the story of Jesus Christ. Worship of God is at the heart of this spiritual community, along with hospitality and service to our neighbors.

Service Committed :: Because we believe that the gospel heals individuals and social structures at every level, we are committed to being involved with ministries of mercy and justice in our city, and committed to empowering our people to live lives of hospitality, service, and social engagement.

Renewal Focused :: The gospel has the power to have a deep and lasting impact upon the arts, business, education, media, and government of the city. With this conviction, we are committed to engaging our culture by supporting Christians to work with excellence, distinctiveness, and accountability in their callings.