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Current Series :: The Gospel According to Mark

Series resources: Various Commentaries on the Gospel of Mark – David Garland and Karen Lee-Thorp; Sinclair Ferguson; Eckhard Schnabel; Tim Chester; Alan Cole; Donald English

Resource Books: Kingdom, Grace, Judgment, Robert Farrar Capon; A Theology of Mark, Hans Bayer; Christianity Explored, Rico Tice; King’s Cross, Tim Keller


Life-Giving Faith – Living as the Community and Mission of God

Series resources: Becoming Worldly Saints: Can You Serve Jesus and Still Enjoy Your Life?, Michael Wittmer; Irresistible Faith: Becoming the Kind of Christian the World Can’t Resist, Scott Sauls; Too Good to Be True: Christian Hope in a Hopeless Age, Ricky Jones

SERIES :: The Life of Abraham – Man of Faith, Friend of God

Series resources – Commentaries: The Story of God, Tremper Longman III; Faith of Our Father, Dale Ralph Davis; Genesis: Beginning and Blessing, Kent Hughes; Living in the Gap between Promise and Reality, Iain Duguid; Genesis, Walter Brueggemann; The Message of Genesis, Joyce Baldwin; Genesis (TOTC), Derek Kidner; Genesis: A New Commentary, Meredith Kline; Genesis: A Commentary, Bruce Waltke; Tim Keller, Scott Sauls

SERIES :: Love Walked among Us – Learning to Walk in God’s Love

Series resources – Commentaries: Love Walked Among Us, Paul E. Miller; The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, D.A. Carson; The Love of God, series editor: Christopher W. Morgan; Commentary on Luke, Kent Hughes; Commentary on Luke, Phil Ryken. Sermons: Tim Keller, Scott Sauls, and Sinclair Ferguson.

SERIES :: Ecclesiastes: The Ultimate Search

Series resources – Commentaries: Living Life Backward, Dr. David Gibson; Why Everything Matters, Dr. Philip Graham Ryken; Recovering Eden, Dr. Zack Eswine; The Pundit’s Folly, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson; Preaching Christ from Ecclesiastes, Dr. Sidney Greidanus.

SERIES :: Meals with Jesus

Series resources – Commentaries: Meals with Jesus, Dr. Tim Chester; Luke (Preaching the Word series), Kent Hughes; Luke (Reformed Expository Commentary series), Dr. Philip Graham Ryken. Sermons: Tim Keller and Dr. Sinclair Ferguson.

SERIES :: The Letter of James – Faith at Work

Series resources: sermons by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, Tim Keller, and Matt Chandler. Commentaries: Exalting Jesus in James, David Platt and Dr. Daniel Akin; James, Dr. Douglas Moo; The Message of James, Dr. Alec Motyer; James, Dr. Daniel Doriani.