Current Series :: Joseph and the Hand of Heaven

Jacob and the Hound of Heaven

*the Hound of Heaven artwork by Yohan Perera

The Heart of God: Taste and See How Good He Is

Jesus with Us

Sermon Resource: Paul E. Miller, The Person of Jesus

Series :: 1 Corinthians

*artwork by Scott Erickson

Commentaries– Paul for Everyone, NT Wright; 1 Corinthians: The Word of the Cross, Stephen Um; Various Sources, Kent Hughes; Various Commentaries on 1 Corinthians by Richard B. Hayes, Thomas Schreiner, and David Garland.

Guest Sermons 2023

Advent 2022

Psalms of Ascents – The Pilgrims’ Songbook

Commentaries– Journey: Psalms for Pilgrim People, Alec Motyer; Journey to Joy: The Psalms of Ascent, Josh Moody; Stairway to Heaven, William R. Long.

*artwork by Scott Erickson

Jonah and the Pursuit of God

Commentaries on Jonah – A Gracious and Compassionate God by Daniel C. Timmer; Rediscovering Jonah by Timothy Keller; Man Overboard by Sinclair Ferguson; Jonah in the EEC series by JoAnna M. Hoyt; Exalting Jesus in Jonah by Eric C. Redmond.

*artwork by Anna Long

Advent / Christmastime 2021

*artwork by Scott Erickson

The Gospel According to Mark

Commentaries on the Gospel of Mark – David Garland and Karen Lee-Thorp; Sinclair Ferguson; Eckhard Schnabel; Tim Chester; Alan Cole; Donald English

Resource BooksKingdom, Grace, Judgment, Robert Farrar Capon; A Theology of Mark, Hans Bayer; Christianity Explored, Rico Tice; King’s Cross, Tim Keller

*artwork by Anna Long


*artwork by Anna Long